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Nelmac Garden Marlborough

Well as November heralds the silly season, so it begins..

With the fireworks out of the way for another year, we turned our attention to taming the flame in the kitchen. with Martin Bosley joining us to host The Nelmac Garden Marlborough Long lunch.

The lunch was held in The Vintners room and the guests dined on  Marlborough Ora Regal King Salmon and Silere Alpine Marino Lamb..

A very cool, calm and Collected Martin drove the service with the help of his Sous Chef Paul Amstell and our kitchen team.

Martin used MVH kitchen as a base of operations during his 4 day stay here and it has been a pleasure to have him around. We will welcome him back at anytime.

Many thanks to Nelmac Garden Marlborough and the sponsors for making it all possible.

On a sombre note, My condolences go out to the Weiss family, Martin will be a great loss to the Christchurch Culinary Community.

Also to the Trotters, Charlie will go on being an inspiration to us, his vision helped make the industry what it is today.


Lately I have had a run on Vegetarian and Vegan guests choosing to dine with us on our Degustation menu. Well if you can't beat them............

More of these dishes are becoming firm favourites and making their way onto our a la carte menu and our small plate menu's. For all of our omnivores there is still a great selection of foraged and farmed game and tame meats so fear not!

the garden is making progress in leaps and bounds as the weather warms and our edible flowers are back in season.

get in quick for your Xmas functions festivities.

Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us, I have noticed a trend of more grooms involvement with menu planning and services. Does this raise the likelihood for sightings of rare Groomzillas? I am touching wood this is not the case.

The Olives made it from the marinade to the menu, we now have a mix of Mediterranean and our own Olives on the menu. Some have traveled half way around the world and the others half way across the garden!

We are looking forward to planting our summer crops when we see the last of the frosts. It is also great to see our berry fruit readying itself for another great season.

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