Hidden Treasure – Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre

Only a 12 minute drive from MVH is one of Marlborough’s hidden treasures. This Aviation Museum gives a fascinating insight into the aircraft, engineers and pilots, and their contribution to the world we live in today.

Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre holds nearly twenty vintage aircraft from the Knights of the Sky, Great War Exhibition. These are housed in a 3,000-square meters display area built specifically to house one of the world’s largest collections of World War I aircraft, which are owned by Sir Peter Jackson. There is also a large area dedicated to important and often very moving wartime memorabilia. No wonder the center is one of the most visited Blenheim attractions, not only by aircraft enthusiasts of all ages from around the world but also by anyone with an interest in history.

One of the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre’s most prized exhibits is the only surviving Caproni Ca 22 two-seater monoplane in the world. Produced from 1913 and used as an observation plane and for bombing operations along the Austrian Border, this is a marvellous opportunity to appreciate this unique specimen. The collection features meticulously restored original planes along with exactly identical reproductions and purpose-built replicas like the Blue Max Pfalz built for the 1960s WWI aviation movie “The Blue Max.” Each plane is displayed to perfection and many form part of a reconstructed scene in history. The Baron’s Last Flight exhibit recreates the scene when the Fokker Triplane of the German Ace Manfred von Richthofen crashes and he is killed, and includes original memorabilia from the Baron’s own collection.

If you prefer to view Marlborough in style Omaka has the option to view from the sky! The US ARMY AIR CORPS 455hp Boeing Stearman offers a unique open-cockpit experience and will accommodate up to 2 passengers side-by-side, whilst the Yak-3 offers high-speed aerobatics in this V-12 Russian Fighter! There are so many options to view the sights Marlborough has to offer!

For admission information: Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre

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