Snout To Tail Event

Head chef Arnaud calls it ‘nose to tail eating’, making use of every part of the animal so nothing is wasted. People today like their meat packaged up in easy-to-cook cuts like chops, ribs and roasting joints, much of the flavoursome secondary cuts and carcass is thrown away. With a little time, attention, and knowhow much of it is not only edible but delicious. Arnaud decided upon this event to bring light on how a full animal can easily be created into all types of delicious dishes.

Tuesday 4thSeptember the free ranged Canterbury pork arrived at the hotel from local butchery Meater. Arnaud took the opportunity to teach the kitchen brigade on the art of butchering a whole animal.  With 64kg of meat on his hands  Arnuad spends the next three days butchering, preserving, brining, roasting and producing a five course dinner based around every part of the pig.

First up on the five course menu was a spicy pork salad matched with Saint Clair Sparkling wine. This course was fresh and full of Asian inspired flavours. While the sparkling wine didn’t dishearten the crispy pork it brought out the more Spicier flavours in the dish. A great way to excite the palate for the culinary journey to come

Second course on the menu was homemade charcuterie selection with homemade piccalilli and house breads. The piccalilli was a stand out when paired with fresh bread and rich earthy flavours of the meats on the charcuterie plate. Fromm Pinot Gris was paired with this dish to help carry the richness of the meats.

The next course was a perfect combination. Selection of house made sausages (Toulouse, Cumberland & Chorizo) with matching condiments. The classic combination paired with a Golden Mile Brewery Dark Ale. Sausages and beer are a match made in heaven

If only we all weren’t so full from all the other courses. The main event dish was a traditional Italian porchetta with salsa verde and seasonal vegetables. Huge amounts of flavour rolled into the pork with herbs infused all the way though creating a nice complement to the pork.

We always save the best for last. A Portuguese custard tart with lemon curd and berries. Sweet, full of flavour and a touch of light pastry which had pork fat in place of butter, making it light and short.  Paired with Fromm Riesling Spatzeel a perfect ending to the night.

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